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Why Does Net Zero Matter for Small Businesses?

Actions towards Net Zero can make a big difference, no matter how big or small your business is. The roadmap towards becoming Net Zero is a process that takes time and will look different for every business but is one that is important to undertake. 

Here are a few things to consider on your road to Net Zero:  

  1. Stay compliant – The UK Government are continuing to introduce legislation to meet the 2050 Net Zero target, so making changes to operations ensures your business stays compliant. (Don’t forget, this might differ depending on where you are – England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland!). Read the Government’s Net Zero Strategy here.  
  2. Cut costs – Factors such as reducing energy consumption, saving water or reducing waste can positively impact your bottom line. 
  3. Consider your customers – Consumers are becoming more conscious about their carbon footprint, therefore they are looking to spend with businesses that align with their values.  
  4. Be a conscious supplier – Businesses are starting to take a closer look at their supply chains, so you may get asked how you’re working to reduce your carbon footprint. 
  5. The planet – Every business plays a part in doing their bit for the environment, and protecting the planet for future generations. 

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