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Sustainable Workplace Ideas for a Green Festive Season

The festive season might bring a lot of fun and enjoyment, however with it there can end up being a lot of waste! Business Waste shared that the waste generated at Christmas goes up by 30% compared to waste created during the rest of the year! 

 So, how can businesses help to create a more eco-friendly celebration? 

  • Reuse festive décor each year. For example, use a fake Christmas tree and opt for decorations that will last each year. These can be reused as and when needed, saving money each year and reducing the amount of waste generated. 
  • Energy-efficient lighting. Using lights for decoration? Whether that’s on your Christmas tree or for lights hung around the office or shop, why not opt for LED lights. These last longer and save energy compared to other bulbs. Place these on a timer to control when the lights are switched on to help save more energy! 
  • Gift giving. Instead of traditional gifts, why not look at making a corporate donation to a local charity? This also contributes to social and environmental initiatives! If you do want to give physical gifts however, try to buy local to support those within your community too! You can choose gifts that are reusable (such as water bottles) or made from sustainable materials. Here’s a list of sustainable gift ideas! 
  • Reduced printing. Does your business send out Christmas cards to clients or customers? Make these digital to save on paper waste and reduce carbon emissions. Traditional cards can release up to 140g of carbon, in comparison to 50g for e-cards! 

Making small changes not only benefits the planet, but also works to enhance your company’s sustainability initiatives and reputation. What other easy changes could you make? 

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