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Understanding Your Audience

Target Effectively

Understanding your audience is essential in being able to make informed decisions about the content and information you are sharing online, to target your audiences effectively.  

There are things you may know about your audience such as the number of followers and subscribers you have, how many unique visitors your website gets each month, and how many people are buying your products or using your services. This information doesn’t actually tell you much about what your audience wants. 

To really understand your audience, you need to delve further into understanding more about them, such as: 

  • What their motivations and needs are 
  • What behaviours they show 
  • Which platforms they spend their time on 
  • What challenges they might have 
  • What their goals might be 

This information is what will help you to make better informed decisions to ensure your content is targeted towards their needs. Your aim is to be their solution, to draw them in.  

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