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Sponsored Ads on LinkedIn

Looking to draw attention to your brand amongst a sea of business professionals and other businesses? Finding organic promotion on LinkedIn is not generating strong metrics? Sponsored Ads offer an amplification tool to reach these wider audiences. 

 Having set up a Campaign Manager account, you can begin creating LinkedIn ads by choosing an objective for the campaign. Selecting the specific action you want your audience to take once seeing the ad, can help determine the rest of the campaign creation.  

Targeting criteria can then be selected to build out the desired audience, with a choice of 20 different attributes including:  

  • Company size  
  • Company name  
  • Member schools  
  • Member interests  
  • Member groups  
  • Skills  
  • Job title  
  • Job seniority  

Once conversion goal and audience have been defined, users have a selection of ‘ad types’ to choose from. From sponsored content to direct messaging, a range of strategies are available, dependent on the assets you have at your disposal. 

With an ad created and ready for upload, all that remains is setting the daily or lifetime budget. In addition, creators have the choice of setting a definitive campaign period or letting the ads run continuously. 

Once completed, the ad is ready to be launched and maintained through integrated LinkedIn analytics to assess whether any changes are needed.  

Get started with LinkedIn ads: 

Learn more about advertising on LinkedIn to reach your audience.

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