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Sponsored Ads on Instagram

Target Customers

Using sponsored ads on Instagram allows you to advertise your business and reach more customers through targeting. These ads appear throughout the app, including on the main feed and within stories and reels. 

These posts look similar to organic posts at a first glance, however they contain a ‘sponsored’ label to indicate that they are in fact an ad. Ads often have extra features when compared to organic posts, such as links and CTA buttons.   

There are a wide range of ad types to choose from, giving you the option to choose what’s best for a particular audience or business goals. These include: 

  • Image/Video ads 
  • Stories ads 
  • Carousel ads 
  • IGTV ads 
  • Shopping ads 
  • Reels ads 

Choosing your ad type will depend on factors such as the goal of the ad. Is the goal to gain more views, improve website traffic, gain more sign-ups or to push for purchases? The target audience is also a big factor, as their habits and behaviours online may influence your decision.  

In addition to this, Instagram also provides the ability to boost organic posts that have already been posted within your feed. For example, a good use of this tool is when you have organic content that is already performing well. Boosting it is an easy way to get it out to a larger audience and give it even more visibility.  

See here for a full guide on creating your Instagram ads.  

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