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Planning a Photoshoot by Creating a Shot List

Creating a clearly defined shot list allows you to plan with your client to ensure the planned photoshoot is successful in getting all photographs required for the project.

They also ensure that nothing is forgotten on the day of the photoshoot, and take off some pressure and stress, as you can tick each shot off as you capture.

Shot lists can come in many forms, but what matters is that the method you use works for you – whether it’s a checklist on paper, notes within a notebook or sketches.

A shot list provides information for every photo that is required, often containing details on specifics of the shot such as camera angles or lighting set-up as well as describing the planned scene.

How to plan a photoshoot with a shot list 

  1. List the subjects or topics that are needed or wanted for the shoot. Depending on the project, this may be products, people, buildings, landscapes etc.
  2. After that. list all the individual shots that are required for each subject. Here you also want to write down all the different angles and styles that you want to capture.
  3. Add in any extra notes, such as reminders for the tone, setting, composition that you’re aiming for.

Once the shot list has been formed, liaise with the client to ensure everything is covered.

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