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LinkedIn Post Ideas to Help with Engagement 

What types of content perform well on LinkedIn? This depends on your industry and the topics that you are sharing, however posts that are informative, visual and easily consumable typically perform the best.

Informative Posts

Professionals on LinkedIn tend to be hungry for information and insights into the industry they work in. Sharing your expertise and offering your perspective on trends or insights is a good way to encourage engagement.

Visual Posts

On LinkedIn, visual content such as short video clips, images, infographics, and carousels are some of the most shared and engaging types of content. Leveraging these formats can help your posts to stand out in feeds, as it helps to break up the text and provides a visual aid to grab attention.

Readable Posts

Short-form content tends to hold attention better, as people are quite often skim-reading and quickly scrolling through content. If presented in a way that is easy to read, alongside being visually attractive, users are more likely to engage.

Examples of content that incorporate the above points include:

  • Tips and how-to guides
  • Round ups of industry news
  • New statistics or research
  • Insights into tools or useful websites
  • Chatty clips talking about your experiences
  • Sharing your workspace, or personal processes
  • Sharing photos from any events attended

Here’s 27 ideas for LinkedIn posts.

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