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How to Promote Your Skills & Strengthen Your Job Applications – National Careers Week 

Employers hire the right talent by evaluating the qualities and qualifications that matter most to their business. In this competitive landscape, your ability to effectively showcase the skills and attributes that resonate with the employer’s needs can significantly enhance your chances of standing out. 

Before applying for a role, it is beneficial to do some research on the company and the role. For example, take a look at the company’s mission and values and familiarise yourself with how they present online. Make sure to study the job description, highlighting the key words and skills. This provides insights into the qualities that are highly valued by the employer. 

This virtual workshop, hosted by Indeed, runs through the different types of skills that jobs are looking for, how to improve them and communicate your ability to hiring managers when applying for job roles or within an interview. 

Chapters include: Hard skills, soft skills, transferable skills, identifying strengths, aligning skills to job requirements, skill building and tests, volunteering, assessments and more!  

Watch below! 

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