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Creating the Perfect CV – National Careers Week 

Whether you’re starting a new career journey or aiming to climb higher on your current path, your CV is your ticket to opening doors and making a lasting impression. Let’s dive into some invaluable tips to help you create a standout CV. 

Tailor Your CV to the Job 

One of the most important things to note is that one size does not fit all when it comes to CVs. Take the time to tailor your CV to each job you are applying for. Whilst job roles might be similar, there will be specific skills, experiences or qualifications mentioned within the job description that should be highlighted on your application to show your suitability.  

Organised Structure 

First impressions count. If your CV looks messy and difficult to read, it may get passed on. Ensure there are clear sections that include your key strengths and skills, education and work experience. Include all relevant information for the role, but keep it succinct. Ideally, no longer than two pages! 

Highlight Your Achievements 

When detailing your previous experience, make sure to highlight your achievements. Quantifiable metrics and specific examples demonstrate your experience more than just detailing the responsibilities of your previous roles. Achievements could include targets hit or projects completed for example. 

Showcase Your Skills 

This includes hard skills such a software efficiency and technical abilities, alongside soft skills such as communication and teamwork. Tailor these skills to suit the requirements of the job you are applying for and provide evidence to back them up!  

Stay Professional 

Use clean and concise language, and ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors. There is software to help with this, whether it is integrated in the document software you are using, or whether you look to use a plugin such as Grammarly 

Update Regularly 

As mentioned in the first point, your CV should be updated per job application where necessary. Alongside this, your knowledge and skills are constantly evolving, and this should be reflected in your CV.  

Remember, applying for a job is not just about ticking boxes – it’s about showcasing your abilities and potential for each role. 

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