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Elevate Your Social Media with Paid Amplification

Discover strategies that work.

Paid amplification allows you to reach new audiences via social media channels. Engaging with a broad audience, not just those users who are already following or interacting with your content, as with organic posting.

Implementing a paid social strategy is beneficial because sponsored content can be targeted towards very specific audiences with user-defined preferences, such as age, location, gender and more.


There are two main ways to undertake paid social media ads:

Create Sponsored Ads

These posts only show up for those you are targeting. They don’t exist in your brand’s social media timeline or feed and cannot be found organically.

Boost Existing Posts

This method boosts the reach, engagement or brand awareness using a post that has already been shared to your timeline or feed. It is still possible to choose a defined audience, start/duration time of the advertisement and set a budget using this method.

It is beneficial to boost posts that are already performing well using this method, as it helps to give them a further push.


Read more about paid social amplification here.

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