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Design Software Guide

There are several different pieces of software available for design and visual creation. Whilst they are all similar in what they offer, each software has its own characteristics and workflow. Some offer free trials, so it would be recommended to test different tools to find the right fit for you.

Adobe Suite

This is the most well-known software and includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and XD amongst others. Access to each software requires a subscription, however, it is possible to get all tools in one subscription for ease.


This is a mac only design program, and is used for websites, apps and interfaces. It isn’t built for photo editing or print work.


Originally built for Windows, this is now also available on Mac. Ideal for working on vector illustrations.

Affinity Designer

This is an alternative to Illustrator and is suitable for all device systems.

There is also free software available, including Canva, Lunacy and GIMP. These programs offer a range of tools and are a great starting point however there are some limitations in comparison to the paid for tools above.

View more design software tools here.

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