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Canva is a free design tool that empowers businesses to design their own graphics within an easy-to-use application. It is ideal for beginners thanks to it’s functionality and accessibility.

Although free to use, Canva does have an optional paid for upgrade to Canva Pro. This provides additional features and is beneficial for business users.

Provides templates for several platforms in the correct sizes

There are templates for content across all social platforms, whether it’s for feed posts, banners, reels, ads, pins and more. There are also templates for presentations, print products, resumes, marketing such as flyers, labels or posters, business cards and more. There are thousands of templates to be used.


Design Templates can be Personalised Easily

The design library on Canva brings a range of different backgrounds, images, front, stickers, and shapes to use within graphics. These can easily be duplicated and adjusted to create a set of graphics.

Create Teams

Teams are available on the free version, allowing up to 3,000 members. Within each team, administrator and member roles can be assigned. Using this feature allows teamwork within a design process. This is ideal for remote or hybrid working.

Canva have various tutorials available


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