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Building Engagement on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms for professionals, providing somewhere for people to build connections and have conversations with those in the same industry, or their target audiences.  

LinkedIn is a platform where the more you utilise it as a social platform, the more you will get out of it: if you’re unsure on how to maximise the impact of your activity, you might not see the level of engagement you want. 

So how can you maximise engagement on LinkedIn? 

One of the most important things is to be consistent in creating and sharing your own content. This helps to build your personal brand and visibility, giving insight into your knowledge on the topics that are important to your work. In showing this, users will start to see you as a knowledge leader and come to your profile to learn more.  

Another important aspect is to engage regularly with others on the platform. Create conversation and build relationships with those in your industry, as well as those who could be potential clients. If you engage on other posts consistently, you are more likely to get something back in return as users begin to recognise your name. 

By engaging with content you are interested in, you’ll start to see more relatable content on your home feed. This is how you curate the platform so it gives you what you want to see. 

Here’s more tips on boosting LinkedIn engagement. 

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