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Benefits of Using YouTube

When considering where to host your video content, there are several factors that may affect your decision-making.

As a user, we may all be familiar with YouTube as a platform for consuming content, but for those wishing to create the content it is also a fantastic tool. A YouTube ‘Channel’ allows users to host all of their video content in one place, with the ability to categorise these videos into ‘playlists’. Each individual video is hosted within it’s own unique URL, allowing creators to link directly to their content from elsewhere on the internet.

Not only a video hosting platform, YouTube is a marketing platform in it’s own right. From influencers reviewing products, to software companies sharing helpful tutorials for their customers, there is an abundance of resources to help you use YouTube to meet your wider business goals.

So, why choose YouTube? 

  • YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google, with videos now featuring in nearly all search results.
  • The platform is seamlessly compatible with thousands of other websites, social media, televisions and digital tools.
  • 80% of all web users watch YouTube videos, offering an enormous audience.

The free features available within the platform have been designed to be accessible to all (regardless of skill level), which makes it an ideal choice for SME’s looking to take their marketing activity to the next level.

What functionality can YouTube offer me?

  • Central digital location to upload and host unlimited amounts of video content
  • Personalised ‘profile’ page describing your business
  • Search functionality to find competitor or aspirational content
  • ‘Subscribe’ buttons to allow yourself, or your audience, to receive alerts when new video content is posted
  • YouTube Advertising, enabling creators to make an income from their content
  • Plus many more niche features!

Find out how YouTube works, here;  

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