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Succeed With Social Media

Here's 10 Top Tips

Whilst every Marketing Agency, Digital Guru and Online Tutorial will have their own recommendations from personal experience, there are a number of fundamental tips that will help your business succeed on Social Media.

  1. Planning, practice, patience – The most effective Social Media strategies recognise the value in creating your content in advance, learning from the best-performing posts and understanding that success takes time.
  2. Defining your audience – One of the most important pillars of any marketing communications is understanding who you’re trying to target and where to find them.
  3. Video content is king – Regardless of your audience, humans are visual creatures and find it infinitely easier to digest video content over written copy and even static imagery.
  4. Less is more – It is far more impactful to share 2-3 well structured, cohesive, clear posts per week, than aim for daily content that forces a point. Your audience has a limited attention span and needs to be kept engaged!
  5. Not every platform is practical – Not every Social Media is relevant for every business. Choose the platforms that you can realistically devote time to, knowing that your audience communicates there too.
  6. Engage and interact – As in real life, relationships are built through two-way communication. Reward your followers with honest conversation, reciprocal likes and shares.
  7. Consistency is key – Take full advantage of free, online design tools to ensure your grids or timelines reflect your branding at all times. Colour palettes, font choice and logo placement should be consistent throughout.
  8. Funnel using your findings – Each Social Media platform comes well equipped with Analytics and Insights tools to help refine your posts. If a particular format, topic or style has worked well – repeat!
  9. Understand and communicate your goals – Engagement, number of followers, website visits, lead generation? It is vital that all involved in your Social Media strategy recognise what you are trying to achieve.
  10. Don’t be afraid to be human – Social Media platforms were born from connecting communities. Interspersing your promotional content with ‘real-life’ content from the people that make your business unique will form an emotional attachment with your followers.

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