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WordPress Management: Understanding your CMS

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It allows you to host and build websites, with the option to use templates for easy customisation and organise your website content. Your website is a hub of information for potential customers, and provides them with an impression of your brand, so it needs to be accessible, up-to-date and informative.

There are some steps you should take to ensure your WordPress site is running smoothly and is secure.

Web Hosting: Ensure your website is being hosted on a secure and reliable platform. Do some research and ensure you select a well-established web hosting provider, by looking at reviews, customer feedback and the provider’s track record for security and reliability.

Back Up Regularly: If anything does go wrong, having backups ensures no important data is lost. Whilst most website hosts keep a backup on their servers, it is recommended to save your own too.

Complete Updates: Keep themes and plugins updated regularly. These elements should be continuously getting updated through their developers to ensure bug fixes and security.


Take a look at these WordPress tutorials and guides.

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