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Why Use Social Media?

Social media is an essential way for businesses to reach customers, gain valuable insights and to grow a brand. It’s an inexpensive and effective way to reach a huge population, with quick results.

There are now more than 4.2 billion active social media users across the globe. These platforms are a place where people discover, learn about, and follow new brands. Here’s a few reasons why your business should be using social media.

Increases Brand Awareness & Visibility

  • Builds authenticity by showing personality and humanising the brand.
  • Can establish your brand as a thought-leader. The go-to.
  • Ensures your brand stays top of mind, with many users checking socials multiple times per day.
  • Increases your traffic by driving users towards your website regularly.

Customer Awareness

  • Generates leads and boosts sales due to higher visibility online.
  • Improves customer service and support by replying to customers comments and questions. Both the positive and the negative ones!
  • Learn more about your customers by utilising the analytics data social networks provide.


  • Using social media ads is an inexpensive way to promote your business
  • Each platform offers the option of creating targeted ads for specific audiences.
  • Facebook and Instagram offer sales platforms and shoppable posts.

Recruiting & Hiring

  • Recruiting through LinkedIn and Facebook allows employers to access a range of candidates.
  • More than ever, prospective hires are looking at social platforms and online activity before applying to jobs, to ensure a good value and culture fit.

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