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What is Traditional Marketing?

Having laid the foundations for much of the digital marketing businesses adopt today, traditional marketing refers to any activity that is not online. Due to it’s historic legacy, ‘traditional’ is one of the most widely researched disciplines within Marketing. Many Marketers tend to lean toward the fundamentals of traditional Marketing, with countless case studies and examples to back up it’s legitimacy.

Whilst digital Marketing is so prevalent in the modern age, there is still value to traditional methods. Local audiences tend to consume media in a variety of ways, still using trusted publications and advertising as a signpost for decision-making. In a digital world, the value of a well-thought out and bespoke form of print can still be incredibly valuable to a prospective customer or lead.

Which media are considered traditional Marketing?

  • Print; newspapers, magazines and other publications
  • Television and radio broadcasting
  • Direct mail and telemarketing
  • Signage; billboards and posters

When taking direct mail as an example, consumers have a greater level of trust in a tangible brochure that lands through their letterbox, than say an e-mail. This is due to the reduced frequency and perceived quality that physical mediums now have.

Start-ups, scale-ups and SME’s should always consider a multi-channel approach to amplifying their brand, but as with all successful Marketing, understanding your audience (and where they spend their time) is key.

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