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Using Surveys Within Your Marketing Strategy

Any successful business is underpinned by an authentic understanding of its audience, really honing in on what it is they want to hear and what they really care about.

Regardless of the industry operated in, gaining a competitive advantage by getting to know your customers will ensure you stay one step ahead.

One way to understand your audience is through the use of an online survey. Similar to traditional, printed surveys, digital surveys allow for easy customisation, flexibility and central data capture.

How could I use an online survey?

  • Gain customer feedback or reviews
  • Undertake new product research
  • Understanding your audience
  • Ensure effectiveness of your promotions
  • Brand awareness
  • Build a new audience through data capture

Whilst there are many free tools available, you may find the following options suitable as a first-time user.


One of the world’s most popular survey tools, SurveyMonkey offers both free and paid plans for its users, depending on their requirements. With a library of templates to choose from, customisation of your own form is simple, with options to export your responses in different formats.

Visit SurveyMonkey:  

How to use SurveyMonkey:  

Google Forms

If you already use a Gmail e-mail address, you may know that you can access a wealth of free tools including Google Drive, Google Sheets and YouTube. Google Forms is another such tool, allowing users to create free surveys that can be used for registrations, opinion polls and fact-finding – with no specialist software required!

Visit Google Forms:  

How to create Google Forms:  

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