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Understanding Hashtags

How to use them in social media

Hashtags at their core, are a searchable keyword within the context of social media. Preceded by the ‘#’ sign, these keywords instantly become ‘clickable’ links, that direct you to a wider conversation, event, theme or topic.  

Originating on Twitter, Hashtags are now used on the majority of Social Media platforms and are used by personal and business accounts alike to find like-minded communities. 

When considering your Social Media strategy, hashtags are a convenient way of reaching new audiences and directing your followers to popular and relevant content, or reinforcing your brand identity with them. 

The Basics 

  • Hashtags will always start with the # symbol, but will not work if spaces, punctuation or other symbols are used alongside your keyword or phrase of choice. 
  • The best hashtags are short and to the point! 
  • Quality over quantity – don’t be tempted to use too many within your caption or content. 
  • Hashtags can only direct you to public profiles, content from private profiles will stay hidden.

Interested in finding out more about how Hashtags can transform your Social Media marketing? Visit this recent blog from Hootsuite:  

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