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Tips on How to Present in Public

Whilst empathy and a sincere understanding of your audience are the cornerstones of any successful presentation, there are a few other essential components to consider when planning an impactful pitch. 


Whether you opt for slides, crib notes or even a complex animation, it’s imperative that you define your narrative. Understanding your subject, knowing what is coming next and most critically realising the purpose of your point, is key. 


When we hear the word ‘presentation’, we conjure up thoughts of lecture theatres or deathly silent boardrooms, where the presenter nervously works through their subject. However, the whole process of delivering a concept or idea shouldn’t have to be one-way. Talk, ask questions and share stories with the audience to bring down levels of anxiety and start building bonds. 

Body Language 

We are visual creatures, mirroring the attitudes and behaviours of those around us. Maintaining an open stance, friendly eye contact and a clarity when speaking will immediately put the audience at ease. Ensuring that your messaging can be seen and heard effectively will avoid any awkward stumbling blocks. 


The best presentations tackle one point at a time, never labour a subject and leaving the audience with punchy statements that resonate with them at a subconscious level.   

Keen to learn more? 

Discover the three magic ingredients of high-impact presentations, from leading public speaker Phil Waknell in his 2020 TEDx Talk.

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