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The Power of Video Vs Image Content

What are the benefits?

Did you know that in 2021, the average engagement rate for Facebook posts was 3.97% for images and 6.96% for video content?* 

With similar trends across all Social Media platforms, investing a little extra resource into capturing video content clearly has benefits for businesses looking to engage with their audience. 

Whilst advertising using static images has its perks (users typically take 3 seconds to decide whether or not to click a photo, vs. the 10 seconds it takes to hook an audience with a video), video content marketing is set to dominate the next decade and Social Media platforms are becoming increasingly biased towards this medium. 

Why use video content?  

  • You can convey more than one message 
  • They can usually express an emotion more clearly, through the use of music or movement 
  • It looks professional 
  • It builds trust with your audience 
  • Social Media channels are configured to ‘autoplay’ videos whilst users scroll through their feed, providing immediate opportunities to engage 

Looking to find out more? Read this Later article on ‘5 Social Media Video Tips to Get More Engagement’;   

*Cybercrew, 2021 

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