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Sponsored Ads on TikTok

Finding you want to expand your reach with your TikTok campaigns? Looking to reach a specific target audience that your current videos are yet to meet? Using TikTok Sponsored Ads could give your branded videos the drive they need to target your audience. 

Setting up TikToks Ad Manager is the first step in creating your ads, with a bespoke dashboard to aid your sponsored content journey. Having clicked to create a new campaign, set the basis of your ad objective to mirror your own business goals. 

From here, TikTok requires an input of your daily budget for the ad and a choice of Campaign Budget Optimisation for allocation of budget.  

Placements of your ads must then be selected to mirror your goals; 

  • TikTok placement: In-feed ads in the For You feed. 
  • News Feed App placement: Ads within TikTok’s other apps—BuzzVideo, TopBuzz, NewsRepublic, and Babe. 
  • Pangle placement: The TikTok audience network. 
  • Automatic placement allows TikTok to automatically optimize ad delivery. 

For users looking for a more automated approach to their ads, TikTok can intuitively  generate combinations of ad images, videos and texts, generating the best-performing versions from an AI perspective.  

Within the preferences for the target audience, consider the relevant interests and behaviours the ad aims to appeal to. Decide on audience attributes that would find benefit in your content, products, and services. Upon completing this, a choice of ad group budget and ad lifetime must be made to ensure no unnecessary run time. 

Finally, a bidding strategy can be implemented depending on preference, before opting for either Standard Delivery for steady distribution of budget or Accelerated Delivery for fast budget spending.  

Upon completing these, your TikTok ad can be published and maintained through reporting features offering insight on performance. 

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Learn more about advertising on TikTok to reach your audience: 

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