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Social Media Analysis for Data-Driven Decisions

It’s important to regularly monitor your social media analytics, performance, and metrics, to ensure you are hitting goals:

  • Key to providing ROI
  • Making informed business decisions
  • Understanding what works for an audience

There are several social media analytics tools to help monitor performance, including in-app analytics from social platforms themselves, and third-party tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Sprout Social and more.


Why is Social Media Analysis Important?

To track any trends or patterns within content. Which platforms are getting the most traction; which types of posts are successful and engaging; are specific ads outperforming others and more.

Understand brand sentiment. Are users sharing positive comments about your brand? Do you have any unhappy customers?

For setting goals. Analysis allows you to continuously monitor content and social platform engagement, using the data to create realistic and actionable goals month on month, or year on year.


Learn more about social media analysis here


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