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A Guide to Seasonal Staffing Solutions for the Festive Rush 

For many businesses, the festive season sees a surge in consumer demand. Seasonal staffing solutions are often required to help ensure seamless operations throughout this time period.

Seasonal Recruitment

If your business needs additional staff, it is key to start the recruitment process with enough time to secure the right amount of staff, and to get any training out of the way before it gets too busy. Determine the specific roles and responsibilities that need help during this season, so recruitment can be tailored specifically to these roles. Job adverts can be placed on websites such as Indeed, SeasonalJobs and Flexy.


Efficient yet effective training will help seasonal staff get up to speed on their job expectations. It is important that they feel confident enough with their role before business gets too busy. Experienced employees can be utilised to help the learning process.

Legal Considerations

There are specific legal requirements for temporary staff, including contracts, wage and working hours. It is also important to be transparent about the temporary nature of these positions. Keep accurate records for all temporary staff members, as this helps to facilitate the transition between hiring and the departure processes. Here’s a checklist of things to tick off as you hire.

Hiring seasonal staff members can help businesses to get through busy seasons without putting pressure on permanent employees, creating a more positive working environment.

Learn more about temporary employment.

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