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4 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Success 

The New Year offers a symbolic fresh start, making it an ideal time to evaluate past performances and set new, focused goals for your business. Whether you’re just starting out or have an established business, here’s some ideas for resolutions that can be impactful for your business.  

Remember to be mindful of creating SMART goals when setting your business resolutions, to ensure there is something tangible to track. Numbers will be custom to each business, which is why the below doesn’t include set number goals. 

Strengthen your online presence. 

The world is turning more and more towards being digital, and having an online presence is important to ensure new customers are attracted, and loyalty is built. Strengthening your online presence could include updating your website and optimising the content, posting more on social media such as including videos or polls and engaging with your audience for example. 

Focus on customer feedback 

Could you interact with customers more, and really take their feedback into consideration? Things such as surveys, polls or direct communication can help you to understand any needs or challenges, which can help with product or service improvements. This in turn helps to create higher customer satisfaction.  

Improve finance management 

Do you review your financial processes each year? Make it your business goal to get to grips with budgeting. Can you cut out any costs that aren’t necessary? What can you do to increase profits? Financial management software such as Quickbooks or Sage are there to help you with budgeting and cost analysis. 

Invest in employee development 

Your team is important to your success. Can you offer training programmes or skill-building exercises? Could your team development include hosting monthly workshops and knowledge sharing events? Having a well-developed team brings long-term benefits to the business such as increased productivity, enhanced creativity, higher employee engagement, and improved customer satisfaction. 

What changes can your business make this year? Here’s more ideas for business resolutions 

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