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Measuring Success: A Guide to Reporting and Setting KPIs

Reporting is an important tool for business, as it provides a clear and accurate picture of performance. Utilising data reports will help to communicate whether objectives are being met.

Setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) allows you to focus on specific metrics, prioritise activities and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. It also enables you to enforce a long-term strategy.


Tools to Use for Reporting

There are a number of free reporting tools that are available through the Google Suite, such as GA4, Search Console, Tag Manager and Looker Studio. These tools automatically track information from websites and campaigns, giving deep insights into your performance.

Other tools, such as SEMrush, Ahrefs and Hotjar also give great insight into your website performance, offering further information such as competitive benchmarks, keywords and backlinks. These tools are paid-for and have different management plans depending on the size of your business needs.


Learn more about marketing reporting here. 


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