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Is Your Business Thinking About Importing or Exporting?

Expanding your business into the realm of international trade isn’t just about crossing borders—it’s about accessing a world of opportunities and tapping into the global marketplace.

Trading internationally can open up exciting and profitable opportunities for businesses. You can connect with suppliers and buyers across borders, expanding your customer base and increase brand awareness.

Here’s more on the benefits of trading internationally:

  • Access to new markets: International trade allows businesses to reach new markets, expand their customer base and increase sales performance.
  • Diversification: Trading internationally can help businesses diversify their revenue streams, reducing dependency on a single market. If one market experiences a downturn, you have others to fall back on, ensuring your business’s stability and resilience.
  • Cost advantages: International trade opens doors to cost-effective resources and production methods. Whether it’s accessing cheaper raw materials, utilising lower-cost labour, or finding more affordable production facilities, trading internationally can lead to significant cost savings for your business.
  • Increased competitiveness: Exposure to international competition encourages businesses to innovate and improve efficiency to remain competitive.
  • Economies of Scale: International trade enables businesses to achieve economies of scale by producing goods in larger quantities for a broader market.
  • Exchange of knowledge and technology: International trade promotes the exchange of ideas, knowledge and best practices between countries, fostering innovation and development. By engaging with different markets, you can learn new practices, adopt technologies, and stay ahead of industry trends.

What support is available?

Embarking on the journey of international trade can be daunting without proper support. West Cheshire & North Wales Chamber’s International Trade Department is the leading provider of Export Documentation Services to businesses across West Cheshire & North Wales. We issue thousands of documents a year to exporters across our diverse region and can provide advice, support and guidance on international trade documentation requirements and trade regulations. Chamber members can enjoy the benefit of half price discounts on documentation.

We are authorised customs declaration agents for HMRC and can help you with your import and export clearance through our ChamberCustoms service. We want to help you trade with confidence – whilst complying with the rules, and therefore offer a comprehensive suite of international trade training courses.

In addition, we have a wide network of partners to offer you access to the very best advice and support as you grow your overseas trade; the Chamber’s extensive network of partners ensures you have access to top-notch advice and support every step of the way. Whether you are looking for events, new markets, overseas opportunities, or general advice – we can signpost you to experts who can help.

Ready to explore the world of international trade? Advice is just a phone call or email away. For more information, contact the International Trade Team on 01244 669985 or by emailing .

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