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Influencer marketing is becoming one of the best ways to build awareness and visibility of a brand online. Influencers can be described as social media personalities as they have loyal followings that are interested in what they share or do.  

By choosing influencers in the right niche, a brand can utilise this as a tool to help generate conversation and engagement surrounding a campaign or product.  

Benefits of Influencer Marketing 

This type of marketing feels more authentic – social followers will already have developed a sense of trust with the influencer, and will be more receptive to marketing if they are the ones doing the promotion. 

Following that, influencer marketing is effective. As your target audience is already engaged with the influencer, they are more likely to convert. 

Cost-effective ROI for a brand. Influencer marketing can be gifted or paid. Gifted is where a brand will give away a product or service for the possibility of a review or social post. Paid influencer marketing will include a contractual agreement, is more secure and results in more dedicated content for a brand. 

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