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How to Setup an Instagram Business Page

If using Instagram as a part of your overarching Social Media strategy, the great news is that there are a wealth of helpful guides online to walk you through the steps needed to succeed. 

Instagram, owned by ‘Meta’, has a resource centre that contains hundreds of step-by-step articles. 

To create an Instagram Page for your business (using a mobile device), we recommend following the below steps. 

  • Create an account with Instagram, populating your profile with your business name, logo and contact information. 
  • Using the menu at the top right of the profile page, navigate to Settings. 
  • Click ‘Account’, then tap ‘Switch to professional account’. 
  • Select ‘Business’. 
  • Pick a category that best describes your business. 
  • Complete additional contact details. 
  • Select ‘Done’. 

For those who would prefer to view screenshots of the step-by-step process, we recommend watching the below video (using 2022 guidelines). 

Each Social Media channel will regularly update and evolve it’s functionality. For the most up-to-date version of the business guidelines and for other useful guidelines, please click the link below:  

Alternatively, download the ‘Instagram Small Business How-To Guide’ here.

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