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Explore the Different Types of Design

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There are many types of design used across business and marketing functions, and graphic designers may work with a mixture or specialise in one in particular.

Brand Identity: This includes developing the entire look and feel of a company’s visual presence. Creating colour palettes, the typography used, developing a logo and the general style of visuals used across the brand.

Marketing & Advertising Design: This will include creating visuals for print and digital advertisements, for social media or marketing emails, brochures, pitch decks, presentations and more.

Packaging Design: For physical products, packaging design is necessary. Designers need to look at colour, typography and logos.

Web & User Interface Design: Websites and apps need to have consistent design with the brand identity. Whilst not doing any coding, designers need to be aware of UI and UX best practices, to ensure the best design experience.

Print & Publication Design: This may include designing visuals for books, magazines, menus, merchandise, brochures, flyers and stationery, to name a few.

Lettering & Type Design: Designers may create typefaces and fonts, or hand-lettered designs for things such as signs and murals.

Data Visualisation & Infographic Design: Representing data in a visual way that is understandable and engaging. This can be static or interactive.


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