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Decarbonisation Solutions 

How can we work towards decarbonisation?  

There isn’t a quick fix, and the process can sometimes feel daunting, but focusing on some key areas can help to start your business on the right pathway. 

Current Business Carbon Footprint – Take a look at your business’s current carbon footprint, to identify the areas that need attention, and set realistic targets. 

Energy Efficiency – Aiming for efficiency when using power for businesses or transport for example.  

Renewable Energy – Using renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and hydroelectricity to name a few. These sources emit little to no greenhouse gases and pollutants into the air.  

Reduce Waste – Whether it’s wasted energy, materials, food or water, these all contribute to climate change and are costing the business money.  

Reduce Business Travel – This may include business trips, or the way your business operates with remote working. Whilst face-to-face working and meetings are important for business productivity, there are ways to balance this out for example by implementing a hybrid working model, to reduce the amount your employees are travelling.  

Learn more about sustainability and net zero here.  

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