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Benefits of Google Analytics

Google Analytics – otherwise known as GA – is an online tool that provides in-depth information about your business’ online performance. By tracking key metrics and activity on your website, it allows you to understand exactly how your website is performing and how users are interacting.

Benefits include:

  • The reporting feature on GA allows for effortless collecting of specific information to share with others. These can be easily visualised and customised into different dashboards.
  • GA measures online traffic from a variety of channels, such as through organic search, paid search, social traffic, referrals, direct access and more. This data provides information about which channels are directing the most traffic and which ones need more attention.
  • It provides demographical data on website users, such as age, interests, location, and gender. This can be used to identify audiences.
  • Learn more about the actions of website visitors, such as their exit and bounce rates, which pages they use and how they move throughout the site.
  • Easy integration between other Google tools, such as Google Ads, Search Console and more.

Get started with Google Analytics.

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