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The Benefits of Reels

Instagram Reels provides a way to share short video clips. With the platform starting to prioritise video content, understanding how to incorporate this media into your brand marketing strategy is vital.   

Build Brand Loyalty  

Reels provide the opportunity to engage with your audience in a more captivating way, showing off your brands personality. They can be used to create multiple styles of video content. For example, show your process of making products; highlight new products or services; share your team’s roles and personalities; create educational content such as tutorials or tips.  

Expand Your Reach & Boost Engagement 

Reels can be discovered via the reels tab at the bottom of the main page, through user’s feeds, on the Explore page and even by clicking on audio tracks. Video content is getting as much as twice the engagement compared to static posts.  

This means that users who may not already follow you can discover your content, improving the possibly of reaching potential customers.   

Promote New Products or Offers 

Highlight the USP’s of your products or services to share with your users. Short and snappy previews can capture attention, and make customers want to find out more. In addition to this, once your account is approved for Instagram Shopping, you can start to tag products in reels, which takes users directly to the product page within your Instagram storefront.   

Read more about using Instagram Reels.

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