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Social Media Reporting

Download your free reporting template.

Regularly producing insight reports is important for every social media management strategy and a crucial aspect of successful social media marketing. Read on to find out more and download your free reporting template. 

Reporting shows what is and isn’t working within a strategy. Ongoing reports provide an overview over a certain period, while one-off reports can analyse specific social activities, such as campaigns.


Steps to Creating a Social Media Report

Define your goals. What results do you want to track? Use SMART goal setting to create goals that are easy to track and report on.

Define the recipient. Who is the report for, what information will benefit them? This may change your language use too, depending on the marketing knowledge of the recipient. It is key to create a report that is accessible and clear.

Define the time frame. What period needs to be covered? Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly?

Decide on the data. Which metrics do you need to include, to be able to report on and analyse the data. This could include reach, impressions, engagement, audience demographics and more.

Design the report. Ensuring your report is both simple to read is an important aspect to reporting. Too much on one page can be overwhelming and confusing, so including clear visuals with descriptive titles is helpful.

Add actionable insights. Once all information is placed into the report, providing insight and commentary alongside the data and results helps to identify what is and isn’t working, defining any next steps to be taken to excel in your social media activity.


Download your free social media reporting template here and get started!

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