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Facebook Ads and Sponsored Posts

There are a few small differences between using Facebook ads and creating sponsored posts as outlined below, but there is no single best method in choosing between the two. Utilising both styles of paid marketing will provide an insight into what works for a business, and which method gets the required results.

Facebook Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are an effective way to reach new audiences. These posts start off as organically posted content, and are sponsored or ‘boosted’ from the company feed to get further reach through paid promotion. These posts stay visible within the company’s feed.

Boosting a post gives the options to add goals and targeting to reach a specific audience.

This content appears in Facebook users’ news feed in the same way organic posts would, however it will also reach users who aren’t following the page. These posts are a quick and simple way to boost visibility.

Facebook Ads  

Facebook Ads are created and managed though the Facebook Ad Manager platform. These ad posts are not visible in the company’s main feed, appearing only to those being targeted.

Unlike sponsored posts, Facebook Ads can appear in several placements on Facebook, such as within the right-hand side column on the homepage, and on Instagram. Facebook ads are designed to help businesses meet a number of objectives, and can help with conversion goals.

A number of objectives for the ad campaign are available, such as to promote a page, increase brand awareness, get video views, get clicks and more. This will determine the type of ad format and placement for an ad. Targeting options are also available – choose the location, age, gender, interests and behaviours of your target audience to ensure they see your ad.

Learn more about advertising with Facebook.  

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