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Email Marketing Software

E-mail marketing content can manifest in numerous forms; from customer newsletters, to offer alerts discount codes, to important updates. Whatever the message, the software operating the send of a campaign, should allow for personalisation, easy use, engaging templates and the ability to track user behaviour.

One of the most popular e-mail marketing clients is MailChimp; a free browser-based software with an easy to navigate dashboard.  ‘Drag and drop’ text and images into templates, schedule your email for optimal times, and collect data, all within one account.

Hubspot operates in a similar method to MailChimp, with the ability to schedule and report within one area. The addition of an e-mail ‘health tab’ demonstrates metrics acquired from campaigns and ensures you’re consistently optimising your content.

Obtaining a list of user emails to market to, is often achieved through forms integrated into a website. To encourage users to surrender their data, incentives are often used with the promise of exclusive sales and promotions.

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