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Establish your brand's voice

Copywriting is the art of writing text for marketing, designed to establish a voice for your brand and to sell products or services. It exists in many forms, whether that’s in advertisements, brochures, web pages, social media content, white papers, company statements and taglines, and so much more. 

The main intention is to grab the attention of people, and to persuade them to take a particular action. This depends on the application, but some actions could include to purchase an item or sign up to a newsletter or subscription for example.   

Understanding the audience is key when copywriting, as the style of writing will depend on who you are writing for. Each piece of writing should be personalised dependent on the desired outcomes. Here are three copywriting formulas to get you started with creating copy. 

AIDA – This is a basic copywriting strategy to help create compelling copy for general webpages.  

  • Attention: Grab the reader’s attention with catchy copy. 
  • Interest: Engage the reader with interesting or new information 
  • Desire: Engage with their emotions to create a desire for what is being offered 
  • Action: Use a call to action to motivate the reader to take the next step

FAB – This formula structures the copy in a way that highlights the end results, telling the user what they will get. It puts emphasis on the customers first.  

  • Features: What are you offering? 
  • Advantages: Why is it better, does it solve a problem? 
  • Benefits: What does the reader get out of it?  

PAS – This formula is ideal for storytelling, when you want to identify pain points to draw readers in. People generally want to avoid any hassle, risks or issues.   

  • Problem: Describe why the reader currently needs help 
  • Agitation: Highlight the emotions and issues that result from this problem 
  • Solution: Offer the fix to this problem! 

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