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Choosing Your Editing Software for Photography

There are various photo editors that are available. The software you choose will depend on your budget, compatibility and what you need out of it. Below are a few suggestions of software to look into.

Adobe Photoshop

PC & Mac. Adobe software requires a monthly/annual subscription.

Photoshop has been a market leader for years, and can do almost anything you would want it to. It has RAW compatibility, and integrates with Adobe Bridge for image library management.

Getting to grips with Photoshop can be a steep learning curve for those new to photo editing due to the huge amount of tools available. However there are various tutorials available on YouTube to walk you through editing options, tips and tricks.

Adobe Lightroom

PC & Mac. Adobe software requires a monthly/annually subscription. Adobe Lightroom is available as a free mobile app.

Lightroom is a piece of software that not also allows you to edit your photographs, but works as an excellent photo library manager too. It has an intuitive editing section and is compatible with RAW files and has the availability of using presets.

The Lightroom interface is simpler than that of Photoshop and can be easier to get to grips with for beginners. The first time you open Lightroom it will give you a guided walkthrough of each module, hitting all the important sections within the software.

Corel PaintShop Pro

PC only. This software requires a one-time fee.

This is a straightforward photo editing software option. It includes a Photography Workspace, designed for photographers. This streamlines your editing workflow in a simple format, making your edits quicker. This software has RAW support for over 800 camera models.


PC & Mac. Free to use.

Gimp is an editor that is very similar to Photoshop in design, and has similar editing features. It is a powerful photo editor, and the ideal option if you don’t have the budget to pay for Adobe software.

See here for further information on available programs,   

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