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Energy Saving Strategies for Businesses in the Face of Rising Costs 

Energy costs can be a huge expense for businesses. With rising costs, effective management is crucial to avoid concerns.

Here are a few ways to help your business save on energy costs:

Check your energy provider: It is worth having a look around to see if there is a better option out there. For example, those offering better tariffs to suit your needs, or renewable energy.

Review energy usage: Take a look at your business energy usage over the last year, and see where it is being spent. Are there any changes you can make to reduce this? For example, you can save around £55 a year just by remembering to turn your appliances off standby mode!

Switch electricals off: Make sure to switch off any electricals that aren’t in use. Even when in standby mode, devices consumer energy.

Take a look at your lighting: Energy-saving lightbulbs can make a huge difference. Take a look at the long-term cost benefits of energy-saving bulbs, or the potential energy savings from motion-sensor light.

More on energy savings here.

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