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Benefits of Using Vimeo

Understanding video content

Understanding that video content is key to effective digital marketing, there are many factors to take into consideration when deciding where to create and store that content.

Serving creative professionals across the globe, Vimeo is fast competing with YouTube as one of the most popular video hosting platforms on the internet. Adopted by those who are keen to embed video content into their website, create spectacular productions and share them with select audiences, Vimeo has become the natural choice.

Vimeo at a glance 

  • When compared like-for-like with other video hosting platforms, Vimeo has the technical edge.
  • Vimeo has the best privacy options, with the ability to password-protect content.
  • Vimeo is stricter with the content it allows to be uploaded, making it a more prestigious, focused channel.

What functionality can Vimeo offer me?

  • Flexible Storage and Management; upload content from any device and cloud storage platforms
  • No ads to interrupt your content
  • Fully responsive Vimeo app
  • Privacy settings and speed controls
  • Video password protection
  • Team collaboration
  • Vimeo review tools
  • High quality live streaming

Find out how to create your first Vimeo video, here;  

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