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Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for Small Businesses

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based way of advertising in which third-parties will generate traffic and leads for brands through personalised links. It allows brands to tap into marketing experience within their industry without having to use up resources on researching.  

How can affiliate marketing benefit small businesses? 

Low Start-up Costs 

This type of marketing can be helpful for businesses that don’t have a large marketing budget. Businesses can set up the commission rates in advance, giving them full knowledge on how much affiliate sales will cost them right from the get-go, and ommission is only paid upon completion of a sale.  

Boosted Brand Awareness & Increased Traffic 

Affiliate marketing helps to draw more users to your website, expanding your online audience and helping to create more awareness around your brand. These new audiences may have been harder to reach with other forms of advertising. 

High ROI 

The strategy of only paying commissions on sales, rather than paying for traffic as you would with Google Ads, provides a higher return on investment. 

Your target audience is hearing about your product or service from someone they trust. If they are sharing it as something they love and recommend, that has a good chance of influencing their audience’s decisions in purchasing. 

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